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Waking up Married

It is a foggy morning, beautiful and still
As I watch you dreaming, maybe of me.
The fog in my mind slowly clears until
Reality dawns with the sun,
My body feels remade: every fiber renewed,
Every muscle relaxed as peace settles in.
We are not changed, yet we’ll never be the same
The universe shifted and took us with it.
We are more than the sum of two bodies
More than our collective hopes,
More than partners and friends.
We were two, and created one more.
Now we are three in this bed:
There is you, whom I will never own,
And me, still free but not alone,
And a “we” created of love.
I watch you sleep and yet,
There is a silvery connection
Helping me touch your soul,
And bind it to mine in perfection.




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