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White Weddings for Men

A white wedding can be a daunting thing for a groom. The entire process leading up to the wedding itself is mostly taken care of by the bride-to-be, but most men think of the wedding night as their celebration. If you’re a virgin, don’t panic – your first time will be great as long as you don’t worry about it too much.

After all the fun but wearying attention at the reception, the two of you may be left exhausted, hungry, but blissfully alone at last. Now is not the time to impose your desires upon your new wife though. Take a long look at her. She might be even more tired or hungry than you are. Ask her if she is tired or hungry on the way to the hotel room, and then start to help her with those things once you get there.

Your new wife will appreciate how you look after her. Order food that she enjoys if she is hungry, then draw her a bath or invite her to go take a bath herself. She may enjoy you helping her undress for that, or she may want to do it in private.  Just go with the flow and let her do things in the way that makes her most comfortable. Also, make sure that you stay presentable for the delivery of your food (and don’t leave the bathroom door open!)

Your wife may also be very tired. If she is, lie down with her and cuddle up for a nap. There will be plenty of time for sex after, and she will appreciate that you were willing to take your time and let her relax before making love. Enjoy holding your wife, dressed or not as you both prefer, and have yourself a good nap to get over the stress and exhaustion of the big day. Once you are fed and refreshed, there is nothing preventing you from enjoying the first sexual encounter.

Keep in mind that the first time your new wife has sex it may be rather painful for her.  Although not all virgins bleed, it is best to be prepared by putting a towel or some other barrier down on the bed, and be as gentle as possible with her the first time. Once you have broken her hymen, stop moving and just hold her.  She may not even want to continue at that time, and you should respect her need to relax a little bit before having sex again.

As for you, your first time might be very intense. If you are a virgin, just having her touch you could be enough for you to orgasm. It is actually rather common for a man to ejaculate quite quickly his first time, so don’t worry. Apologize if you feel you need to, and go back to the foreplay – you’ll be ready to try again soon.  However, chances are that if she is a virgin too, she may even be relieved at a short duration the first time.

If you’ve been drinking at your wedding, you may also experience the opposite problem. Sometimes, the alcohol can make it hard for you to become aroused in the first place, which is especially common if you are nervous. In any case, most males experience an inability to orgasm quickly after drinking. Take a break; snuggle a bit and then continue, or fall asleep together and have sex again in the morning. Of course, you can avoid having to do this if you simply stop drinking during the last hour or two of your wedding.

No matter what happens on your wedding night, there is one thing that you shouldn’t expect – a perfect first time. Losing your virginity is a big step, and if you’ve heard stories from other guys on the subject, than you should know that it is never perfect. What you can be proud of is that you’ve stuck to your convictions and have waited for someone you really love. That way, even if it is not perfect, it is a moment you can share together for the rest of your lives.

Your wedding day is a big day for both of you, and if you take care of yourself and your wife , the wedding night can be very special and intimate. Before the wedding day, talk about your expections with your future wife. Keep expectations realistic, don’t forget to talk to your wife about birth control beforehand, and you will have a wonderful evening full of exploring one another, learning about each other, and even a lot of laughter if you are lucky.




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