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Sexy Games to Spice Up
Your Wedding Night and Honeymoon

Add some extra fire to your honeymoon with sexy games!


Here are some great
ready-to-play adult games
to discreetly order online:

Sex Game - The kama sutra game
Kama Sutra Game


Sex Game - Speak love, make love
Speak Love, Make Love


Sex Game - Passion throw
Passion Throw


Sex Game - 52 alluring sex games for lovers
52 Alluring Sex Games for Lovers


Sex Game - Tantric lovers game
Tantric Lovers Game


Sex Game - Poker for lovers
Poker for Lovers


One thing that never fails is a game that is as simple as can be, and all you need is a blindfold. You can even get blindfolds for free on some airplanes! Now that you have your lover blindfolded, make sure that they are naked and comfortable on the bed. Use your fingertips, your breath, a feather, or anything else that might feel nice, and dare them to guess where you will touch them next. Rewards can include kisses and punishments can include withholding kisses or tickling, or you can simply make them accrue a certain number of right guesses before you trade off. No cheating!

You can also add a variation to this game by touching softly all over their body. Ask them what it feels like, and make them guess what you are touching them with. Get creative by using things like silk, palm fronds, and more! You can get hours of fun out of this game, and add a few extra twists by adding things like ice to the mix! By the time you let them take the blindfold off, they will be full of passion.

New Positions

Pick up a copy of the Kama Sutra. To make a game out of it, try new variations (go with a picture version of the book to make things easier and more fun, too). You can flip through the book together to choose positions that sound like a lot of fun, but it can be even more exciting if you just flip the book open to a random page. Take turns flipping, and you have to try whatever position you land on. Some will be boring, some exciting, and some highly challenging, but that is half the fun right there!


Another wonderfully sensual game to try for your honeymoon or your wedding night is taste-testing. Set out an assortment of delicious treats, and, again using a blindfold, have your lover try to guess what they taste. This can be easy or hard depending on your assortment and also on whether they have helped you pick out the treats that you are snacking on. Rewards and punishments are up to you, of course, and up to your lover to decide.

You can put a sexy twist on this game by using creams and other edibles made especially for bedroom play and putting them on parts of your body. Have your new spouse lick them off and try to guess what body part is being licked. If you go with this options, remember to use edibles specifically made for sex. Regular foods can mix with body fluids and your body heat to produce some undesirable results. Imagine what heat can do to milk products like whipped cream, for example.

Getting to Know One Another

Getting to know one another better can also be incredibly sexy. Choose some of your favorite positions and write the names of them, their descriptions, or draw a picture of them and see how many of them match your lovers’ cards. You can play matching games, or simply ask them to guess which positions you write down on your cards, and try to guess their favorites as well.

You can also try this version if you have dice – one a piece of paper, write down six sexy actions (like “kiss” or “stroke”). Then on a separate piece of paper, write down six of your favorite body parts (like neck or…use your imagination…). Have your new spouse roll the dice to pick the action and the body part – and then do it!

There are lots of ways to spice up your sex life, and while there are books, board games, and lots and lots of card games that will help you spice things up in the bedroom, creativity really is your sexiest attribute. You can come up with your own sexy bedroom games like rolling dice and matching numbers on the dice to activities or body parts. You will find that as you get to know each other better, your games become more personalized and much more fun!




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