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Making Your Honeymoon Special:
Even if You Aren't a Virgin

No matter what your sexual status was before you got married, your marriage is, in part, a pledge to be with your spouse and only with your spouse for the future. This makes your wedding night a special night even if you and your partner have had sex before; after all, you have never had sex as a husband and wife! Some couples may be concerned that their honeymoon won’t be special. Don’t worry – it is possible to have a special night, even if you aren’t new to sex.

To make your honeymoon and your wedding night feel extra special sexually, the first step is to bring desire up to the boiling point and you can do that by (brace yourself) abstaining for a while before the wedding. The ideal period of time is perhaps a month, but if you can’t handle that, even a week or two is a long time for some people to wait. You will join each other again on your wedding night, and it will be all the sweeter because you have been missing the intimacy you share.

You can make this even better (and more likely to succeed) by sleeping separately as well. That will help to eliminate or at least to minimize the temptation and the opportunities to enjoy one another sexually, and it will also mean that sleeping together after the sex on your wedding night will be an incredible experience as well. It is hard to explain to someone who has never done it how much sleeping beside someone becomes an integral part of your nights, and how much you miss it when you can’t.

If you want additional ideas for making your wedding night and your honeymoon extra special, then use your knowledge of your new spouse to determine what exactly will make them go over the moon. If your lover is a chocolate addict, buy at least four different kinds of chocolate and enjoy it on your wedding night. Or get more hands-on with a little massage if your sweetheart loves to relax. Personalize your wedding night instead of simply making it a night of generic sex.

Since your honeymoon is going to be less about exploring each other sexually for the first time, it should be more about exploring each other at new levels of intimacy instead. Focus on learning more about each other and about deepening your understanding of each other rather than on having sex just like you usually do. Change things up to add some extra spice to your sex life for the honeymoon, and also to get to know more about each other.

You can also make your honeymoon feel extra special for both of you by allowing yourselves to truly relax and enjoy one another without the constraints of everyday life. Treat it as a vacation from reality (after all, it is, right?) and spend the entire time focusing on pleasing each other. Take your mate to a spa to have a day of relaxation together, do a sport together that you both enjoy, go see a play or a movie that you both want to see, or otherwise just focus on the pleasant things in life.

Remember, you may have had sex before, but you haven’t had sex in Hawaii (or Bermuda or Paris or wherever you’re honeymooning). In fact, have you ever had sex anywhere other than your own beds before? For most couples, the opportunity to have some fun in the bedroom in a hotel or resort room doesn’t come around very often – and now you have a whole honeymoon to yourself. Take this opportunity to have a little fun with your bedroom play. Haven’t you always wanted to have sex with your partner in a hot tub or on a desk?

The bottom line is that you don’t have to be a virgin to have an unbelievable honeymoon. Instead of focusing on the monotony of sex, take this opportunity to be creative. Play around without the risk of a roommate or parent walking in on your or your neighbors hearing your moan. Your honeymoon is all about exploring your partner both mentally and physically. And even if you’ve been together for a long time, there is still more to learn, which can make your honeymoon special.

Also, consider some fresh lingerie to surprise him with throughout your honeymoon!




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