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Picking the Perfect Honeymoon Suite

Hands down, the most important part of planning your honeymoon is choosing the honeymoon suite for you and your new spouse to enjoy together. It doesn’t matter if you’ll only be staying in the suite for a single night, right after your wedding, or if you’ll be staying in it for a week or more you want to spend the night in a place that is perfect for you. Not all honeymoon suites are made equally. If you want to make the most of your wedding celebration, take some time to consider the following aspects:

  • Where is your room located within the hotel? If it is on the third floor, does the hotel have elevators? If it is near the lobby, will the room be private enough? Most hotels have more than one honeymoon suite. Although they may show you pictures of a beautiful honeymoon suite on the top floor of the hotel with its own private elevator, where is your suite located? Make sure that it isn’t somewhere inconvenient.
  • When is check in and check out? Every hotel has different policies, so don’t assume that check out is at the standard 11:00 in the morning. Some hotels may have earlier check-out times, and if you were up late the night before, that hotel may not work for you. You don’t want to be charged for an extra day because you slept in until noon! Make sure that you know and understand hotel policies before you book a room. If you want to have a later check out time that can usually be arranged ahead of time.
  • What special features come with a honeymoon suite? Some hotels provide private hot tubs, fresh robes, and other special features and services for people staying in specific suites. When you book the hotel room, make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. You don’t want to show up and be disappointed because there are no special extras for the honeymooning couple.
  • Are you staying in a suite or a room? Some hotels have very loose meanings on what a “suite” really is. If you’re expecting multiple bathrooms, a sitting room, extra bedrooms, a balcony, and so forth, you may be utterly disappointed to find that your hotel’s idea of a “suite” is a room with an extra-large bathroom and door to the parking lot. Be very clear about the kind of room you want to rent and check website pictures of the suite if possible.
  • How much are you willing to spend? Although you’re probably allocating a large chunk of your overall budget for the honeymoon, most couples are surprised at just how much a nice suite can really cost. Instead of going over budget, check out all of your options. Perhaps the best choice is to go for the super-nice room on your wedding night and then move to a smaller, less expensive room for the rest of your honeymoon.
  • activities are available in the hotel itself? On your honeymoon, convenience is key so that you can really spend time together instead of wasting all of your time planning and traveling to activities. Many hotels and resorts offer shows, restaurants, tours, and so forth directly from the hotel. Book your honeymoon suite with them and you may even get some free tickets? Bottom line – compare hotels on all levels before you make a choice as to where you’ll stay.


One of the best ways to choose a honeymoon suite is to visit the hotel or resort’s website and look at the rooms and other amenities that are offered. Then you can make a comparison of all your preliminary choices.  Also, it is often possible for the couple to visit the hotel where they plan to spend their wedding night because it is usually in the same town as the wedding. If you arrive at the hotel and it is anything less than what you had been led to believe, voice your concerns. The hotel should honor any promises made to you.

Remember, your wedding night and the rest of your honeymoon is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Make the most of it! You deserve the best on your wedding night!




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