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Honeymoon is about More than Sex

The tradition of the honeymoon comes from a time when brides and grooms were given a full month of relaxation and sex after the wedding. They may not have gone on vacation back in the day, but they would be left alone in their own place to spend that time together, getting used to the new rhythms of married life. Honeymoons today tend to be both shorter and more extravagant, but they are still about learning each other and learning the rhythms of married life. A large part of that is getting to know one another intimately. But, is the honeymoon just about sex?

If you are planning an extravagant vacation for your honeymoon, it is perfectly fine to want to spend at least part of your time enjoying the scenery or the local attractions instead of just holing up in your resort or your hotel room and enjoying each other. Sex as a married couple is incredibly fun, but there is a lifetime in which to enjoy one another and only a limited amount of time that you will be on your honeymoon.

The reason that people go away on their honeymoons is often more about enjoying the scenery and the things that go on in the destination than it is about having sex. Your very first vacation together will allow you to spend all of your time getting to know one another in a rather idyllic setting before you go back to real life and have to learn how to fit your relationship into the context of the rest of your life. This can be complicated, as you are used to living on your own and now have to learn how to fit your life with someone else who has also been living on their own with their own patterns of living.

Living together before marriage can make this easier because you are not trying to mesh your lives just after the chaos of the wedding and reception. This can cause a lot less stress, but it can also be hard for some people because of religious beliefs, family, and other issues. Waiting until after marriage for sex is also hard if you are already living together but  you are not sharing a room yet. It can be very challenging unless both of you are very firm in your convictions, and even then it is possible to slip up.

Sex before marriage can take the pressure off of the honeymoon, making it a time to explore the culture or activities of your destination more than only trying to learn about each other. However, regardless of whether or not you are both virgins, your honeymoon should be about more than just sex. After all, if your married life is built solely on the basis that the sex is good, it may fail later on when the sexual intensity inevitably cools down. When you are not exploring one another on your honeymoon, you should spend your time exploring the place that you are visiting. Doing this together can teach you more about being married than sex ever can! For example, when does your new spouse like to eat dinner? Which foods are his or her favorites? Does your new husband like a large breakfast or just coffee in the mornings? Does your new wife prefer to walk or take a taxi?

Exploring a foreign city or even just a national city that you love is that much more fun with someone that you love. Your honeymoon is all about learning about each another, and starting your marriage with laughter and fun. Sex is a part of that fun and possibly a part of the laughter, too, but it is not the only reason for the honeymoon itself.

Instead, the honeymoon is a beginning, a symbol of your relationship to come. It begins with laughter and light, whether you are taking a honeymoon trip to a sunny locale, an exciting city, or a snowy mountain. You are showing yourselves that life is about having fun and enjoying each other, and you do this by beginning your lives together with that same excitement.

On the flip side, if you have never had sex before, then you may wish to book a destination a lot closer to home. For those who are experiencing sex for the first time, it can be a potent thing, and you may not want to  venture out of your hotel room very often. It might be the best use of your money to travel far or to book a room in an exciting city. Instead, focus on finding yourself a great, secluded room so that you will be comfortable, making sure that your hotel does room service, and enjoying one another for as long as you like.

In any case, keep in mind that marriage itself is a wild adventure. There will be tons of hardships ahead so enjoy your honeymoon together, sexual and non-sexual experiences alike.




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