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Spicy Hot Tub Honeymoon Night Ideas

Want to make that honeymoon night extra special? Make sure there is a nice hot tub in the suite. Make preparation ahead of time for a wonderful experience. Trust this to someone on whom you can always depend so it will be ready when you arrive or ask the hotel concierge to set it all up. The magical combination of scent, texture, warmth, taste, color and sound will create a place apart from the world for a wedding night you will never forget.

Your wedding night can be memorable even if the marriage is not consummated. It is the shared sensual experience that will live on long after well practiced lovemaking becomes the norm. Over time you and your spouse will learn each other’s preferences and bodies so that lovemaking will become better and better. So on your honeymoon night, concentrating on shared sensual experience will make it a beautiful, lasting memory.

What you will need:

  • A hot tub large enough to hold both of you comfortably, but it does not need to be very large.
  • Cut flowers:  especially aromatic flowers such as oleander, sweet pea, carnation, rose, geranium, jasmine, gardenia and lilac (Be certain that neither bride nor groom are allergic to any of the flowers. If either is allergic to all flowers, substitute spices simmering in small heated pots or bowls, such as electric or candle driven room fresheners.
  • Scents for the room and water: use the scents in the water that you want to retain on the skin. These can be bought in extracts or bath products.
    • Erotic aromas for men: Cinnamon, popcorn, pumpkin pie and doughnuts.
    • Erotic aromas for women: Melon, chocolate, oranges and bread.
    • Erotic scents for men: Vanilla, lavender and Jasmine.
    • Erotic scents for women: Musk, orange blossom and sandalwood.
  • Soft music that both bride and groom will like. Don’t use elevator music: folk or classical, harmonica or oboe are very sensual.
  • A small antipasto platter to share
  • Chocolate fondue and fresh strawberries
  • Whipped cream in a spray can
  • Fudge brownies
  • Nice wine or Champaign, not too sweet or too dry. Red wine should be room temperature or just slightly above. Champaign and white wine should we chilled well. Make sure you have wine glasses available so that you don’t end up drinking fine wine out of plastic hotel cups!  Also don’t forget a corkscrew.
  • Crème de Menthe, small bottle is fine, even a cordial size.
  • Synthetic paintbrush
  • Fragrant body lotion soap in a liquid form.
When the newlyweds arrive in the suite, the lights should be subdued and the music should be playing in both the bedroom and the bath. It is especially nice if the bath has a one-way window so they can gaze out toward the stars together.

Flowers should be everywhere, filling the suite with wild scents. A small table in the bath next to the tub should hold the chilled Champaign, brownies and chilled Crème de Menthe and whipped cream. Simmering scent pots should have been started ahead of time so their aroma is well spread. Another small table can hold the antipasto, the chocolate fondue and bowl of cleaned fresh strawberries and the synthetic paint brush.

Whichever person planned this should begin to help the other to undress. If a third person planned it, perhaps little notes can be left to help the couple enjoy the planned experience.

The order of the rest of the activities is not important, although lovemaking should be last, if at all, and common sense says you may want to try the skin games first and maybe take a quick little shower before entering the hot tub just to rinse off the leftover chocolate and whipped cream.

Share the antipasto and Champaign, feeding each other in the tub. Then try a skin game with the synthetic paint brush and the chocolate. Paint designs on each other using this and the whipped cream and then lick it off. Use whatever scented shower soap is available to soap each other down before you rinse and step back into the how tub. Try word association games while you share more treats. One interesting word association involves having one person close their eyes while the other put his or her hand on part of their body, then the person has to say what word, beside the name of the body part, comes to mind. The first person then associates another word and the other one place his or her hand on a body part they feel is associated with that word. Dip strawberries in chocolate and drop into the Champaign glasses.

The Crème de Menthe should be saved for last as it is quite stimulating. You can use the paint brush, but most people prefer to swish the chilled Crème de Menthe in the mouth briefly and then apply it orally to some very sensitive areas of the other’s body. The cool mint does wonderful things for sensuality, especially on the most sensitive places. Expect that only a little of this will lead to the bedroom and some wild sex. Or, you may both be so relaxed that you cuddle and fall asleep and leave the rest for a great morning.




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