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7 Things for Every Man
To Remember On His Wedding Night

Your wedding night can turn into a disaster if you haven’t done any prior planning. The real problem though? How to prepare! Talking about potential problems and worries is difficult  to do with your minister, parents, or best man. Many grooms just set aside any qualms they have about the big night and just go for it – and while this “bull in the china shop” approach can work out for some, most simply find that it leads to dashed dreams of that perfect start to your life together. If nothing else, keep in mind the following seven things:

  1. Check into the honeymoon suite before the help desk closes for the night. Chances are that you’ve opted for a local hotel for your wedding night instead of whisking away your bride to your honeymoon location right away. That’s a smart choice – after your wedding, you’ll be exhausted, so jumping on a plane is going to be the last thing you want to do. That said, weddings run late, and if you wait until after the reception to check into your room, you might be out of luck. Most help desks close around 9 PM. Some are open later, but few (at least, few in fancy hotels) are open 24 hours. If you show up at midnight after your reception, you may not be able to get your key. The last thing you want on your wedding night is to be homeless! Check in before the wedding or designate a person you trust, like a parent or a member of your wedding party, to check you in on your behalf before the desk closes. Otherwise, you may be sleeping in your car for the night…
  1. Take a shower first and foremost. I know that you’re probably more than ready to jump into bed with your new bride after celebrating at your reception all night, but do yourself and your leading lady a favor and take a shower first. Think about it – what did you do at the reception? You probably danced all night and drank a lot of alcohol in stuffy, hot clothing. So, you’ve been sweating…how romantic. Make sure that you’re squeaky clean instead of damp and smelly. A quick five minute shower will go a long way.
  1. Plan ahead – order food. After your wedding reception, you will probably be hungry. Yes, I know you’ll eat at your reception, but believe me – you will be hungry again. While ordering room service is easy enough to do, you’ll really wow your bride if you have her favorite snack waiting for her when you get there. This also cuts down on the time it takes until you can get down to business – you don’t have to wait for the food to arrive.
  1. Surprise her with some satin skivvies. It’s her wedding night and she wants it to be perfect. No, you can’t suddenly somehow grow a few more inches or get that six-pack that she fantasizes about. What you can do is make the night a bit special by choosing some hot boxers or briefs. Wearing your holey, stained “old faithfuls” just won’t cut it. If you’re uncomfortable wearing anything out of the ordinary during the ceremony and reception, bring some to change into after you shower (see point #2).
  1. Turn off your cell phone. Who do you need to be talking to on your wedding night? Seriously, its bad enough when your cell goes off during sex, but on your wedding night, it can be disastrous! When you check in, it is also a good idea to ask the reception desk to hold your calls unless it is an emergency.
  1. Don’t drink your face off. One of the vital parts of a reception for many couples is the alcohol. Sure, drinking at your reception can be fun, but if you choose to go that route, make sure you consider how it is going to impact your wedding night. Will it make it more difficult for you to get in the mood? Will it make you sick, woozy or stumbling around. If so, you might want to consider leaving the alcohol for your guests – at least for the last hour or so of your reception.
  1. If you’re tired, don’t push it. Your first time as a new couple should be special, and if you’re too beat to do anything more than to just go throught the motions, consider having your “wedding night” the next morning. She’ll appreciate it more if her memories are of amazing foreplay and mind-blowing orgasms rather than sleepy sex. Some may feel like it is a bad omen to not consummate on your wedding night – but you should do what is best for both of you. Ask yourself which is worse? Waiting to have sex or having really bad sex?




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